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We design and build tailored aquariums for both residential and commercial spaces, ensuring your aquatic displays thrive beautifully


The ClamShell Castle
The ClamShell CastleCOMMERCIAL

The ClamShell Castle

120 gallons of peace and tranquility. 
Dr. Bonnie’s living reef aquarium provides her staff and patients a beautiful centrally located display in a comfortable waiting room setting.
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The Ocean Bloom

The Ocean Bloom

Doing the dishes is no stress with this view! This residential kitchen is home to a 450 gallon mixed reef exhibit. Care and maintenance is no chore as the life support filtration is remotely located.
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The Tidal Tranquility
The Tidal TranquilityCOMMERCIAL

The Tidal Tranquility

700 gallons with a mixed reef focus. A curated home to an array of animals found world-wide. This peninsula style aquarium separates entry foyer from executive meeting space.
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