B-Ionic Transition Elements+



B-Ionic Transition Elements & B-Ionic Transition Elements PLUS+ is the latest product by ESV, formulated by Bob Stark in collaboration with Joe Yaiullo. B-Ionic Transition Elements PLUS+ changes the nutrient dynamics of reef aquaria without the use of specialized chemical media. It provides a conservative level of organic carbon, synergistically combined with trace elements to maximize heterotrophic bacterial uptake of nitrate and phosphate. B-Ionic TE Plus+ can also provide many potential benefits such as enhanced production of marine snow, and mitigation of any hydrogen sulfide release within the aquarium. Also, enhanced coral coloration, better polyp extension, and increased water clarity have been observed with the use of B-Ionic TE Plus+. This product has been formulated to prevent accumulation of the transition elements it provides. Also available is B-Ionic Transition Elements, which provides all trace element benefits of the PLUS+ without the organic carbon dosing. This product is suitable for aquariums already running below 5ppm nitrate, or for those using other forms of organic carbon dosing, such as vodka addition or organic pellet reactors.

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