ESV Saltwater Kit


Each Kit Includes:

  • USP Grade Magnesium Sulfate
  • Ultra-Low Heavy Metal Sodium Chloride
  • Pre-Dissolved Trace Elements


Keep producing salt for the ESV B-Ionic Seawater System! The ESV B-Ionic Seawater System includes all of the consumables used to create the fast-dissolving saltwater, without the measuring devices. The B-Ionic Seawater system comes in 4-parts that you can mix together to create a super high-end salt mix. Keeping the separate parts isolated until mixing time allows for more consistent batches of saltwater since you no longer need to worry about the stratification of the individual particles in the salt mix since the dry portion of the mix is all the same element. Even with manual mixing, that gives you the utmost control, the ESV B-Ionic Seawater system is by-far the fastest mixing salt we have ever used.

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