Hikari Coral Gumbo 1.75oz Cubes

Coral Gumbo is a mixture of unique, carefully selected foods like, Pacifica Krill, Mysis, Rotifers, Nori, Cyclops, Brine Shirmp, Oysters and much more all mixed into one easy to use food. The mixture encompasses the different needs of corals when it comes to their diet. Use it as a special treat or for daily feedings coral gumbo has a large mix of particle size that your corals will consume and your fish will also find as a nice treat.

Hikari created a Gumbo that combines all of their favorite coral foods into a single mixture. The highly flavorful, and nutrient packed Gumbo contains numerous sizes particles that will meet the needs of your corals and fish. Coral Gumbo is also an excellent food for finicky marine fish, or when you are just not sure what your fish will eat.

Feeding Suggestions: Feed only as much as your corals will consume in a single target feeding session. With smaller particle food it is best to feed very small amounts multiple times a day over a single large feeding. When feeding corals it is best to put a very small amount in the water column a few minutes before to activate the natural feeding response from corals, then target feed the corals with a pipette or similar tool.

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